Dream Journal


Predictably, I had dreams of Oscar night. I mean, no surprise there – I fell asleep, phone in hand, scrolling through my Twitter feed which was just laden with Oscar related posts.

SO, it was a pretty awesome dream this one – I don’t remember seeing anything about pizza before falling asleep but I must have looked at my phone when I woke up in the middle of the night because otherwise it means I am psychic.

Everyone was dressed in pizza. Like normal, gorgeous gowns you see on the red carpet but made out of pizza.

I was there sat next to my BFF Kevin Spacey and my other BFF Jennifer Lawrence (we did a super movie together obvs) and we were just giggling at Billy Crystal making many jokes and rating everyone’s outfit out of ten and had to eat a bite out of everyone’s dress. Julia Roberts’ pepperoni and mushroom number one best dressed.

Then I woke up. Seriously craving a pepperoni pizza.


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