Dream Journal


This was a strange one – it started off in the middle of a jungle river and it was just raging. I was on a door raft thing and next to me were these two baby tigers just swimming along merrily. Suddenly, one of the tigers leapt onto my raft and started to cuddle, turning into my little sister but then she fell into the river and luckily, I caught her so we struggled along the river holding tight to each other trying to get her back on board. But then, slowly, the river began to calm until we were out of the jungle and approaching a town and the river was the main street. We approached a bright blue door and entered, and it was my great aunts house and my whole family were there and preparing food. It was warm, inviting and like the jungle river struggle never happened – even though just seconds ago, I was feeling helpless against the river, overwhelmingly afraid that I was going to let go of my sister, and an intense need, that filled my whole dream self, to become a boat and be as strong as I can be. We started to sit and read while the others cooked and I walked into the beautiful, big kitchen (something I blatantly saw on Pinterest before falling asleep) started to merrily chop away vegetables looking out into the jungle garden that was filled with light. Then, my grandmother made a disparaging remark about my weight as I sneakily grabbed a chip. Naturally, that’s when I woke up.


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