Today I decided to make some crispy chickpeas, a favourite snack AND it’s healthy (a rarity for me snack wise…or in general). They’re nice and versatile and you can flavour them any which way you damn well please, which is fun. They even beat crisps. Sometimes.

I’m boring (or classic?) though and just went with a chilli/garlic/salt combo. You can use the canned – it’s faster and less time consuming, but I prefer to have the dried ones just because I feel they taste a bit nicer and weirdly, I like the process of it.

Soak overnight


Rinse, boil for an hour and then (you can skip the first two with canned!) layout on the pan – put on chosen spices, olive oil and salt.



Whack it in the oven on 120 for about 45 mins until nice and browned (I like mine properly charred, but as with most things, it’s up to taste – the important thing is that they get CRUNCHY. AND SEXY. If you use the nice golden ones a guide that’s the ideal colour for optimum crunch, any less and it’ll be too soft.


Munch away homies!


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