Chickpeas are clearly an obsession, also THE FUTURE

At the risk of definitively becoming The Chickpea Girl, and this blog becoming The Chickpea Blog – I’m starting a little project, chickpea recipes around the world.

I was chatting with my mother recently and she thought it would be a good idea to start a project on 100 chickpea recipes (because I’m always complaining on how I need a little more direction/structure with this/always eating chickpeas) and then I thought, why not try mixing it with the travel aspect of my blog? SO, I’m starting this feature next week – any ideas or recipes I should be checking out?

Also, I’m headed to Paris for 36 hours end of this month, WHERE CAN I FIND CHICKPEAS? Or any other suggestions on what to do in 36 hours (+ or – chickpea consumption) would be mucho appreciated.