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Been too busy eating chickpeas…


Two years ago (almost to the day, spooky) I abandoned this little blog. I didn’t mean to, no reason why – too busy eating chickpeas I guess…

I’m back though, and have left the over saturated food blog land of Cambridge, where I chose to focus more on Flavour and impart my food love that way (check it out, the team are still doing great work!) and moved to the even more over saturated food blog land of BARCELONA. I told you I’d come for a visit and just not come back one day…okay it wasn’t that romantic or simple, there was a lot of planning involved but lets stick the the romantic vision of a holiday gone permanent eh?

I’ve already increased my waistline from too much damn good eating, so lets give that some purpose. Adventures to come!


Back to buisness

Oh hi, my name is Ruth and I’m a neglectful blogger. But it’s a new year, and you know what? I WILL STOP THIS NEGLECTFUL NONSENSE.

To be perfectly fair, this has been mostly due to being rather busy/not travelling somewhere entirely new/laziness/not really cooking so much in the last couple of months. And if you pay attention, this is a food/travel blog and without the cooking, the eating and the traveling, then there’s not so much to write about then is there?

Except there is… I do eat out lot and I HAVE been to some places, just none of them new to me (but new to YOU, dear readers,  because I realise I actually have yet to write about some of my dear old haunts)

Anyways – this is just a quick hello to re-introduce myself back into the blogosphere and to give a little taster of what’s to come with a mini photo diary of the past 9 odd months or so (except if you follow me on Twitter, in which case you’ve already seen half of these…if not all)




Pictures are mine, all mine so don’t use without permission/accreditation por favor.