toast + avocado = beautiful

I’m trying super hard to be healthier but the trying is not in what to eat – I actually love healthy food, all the veggies and fruits and oats and all those things – LOVE THEM. However, it’s the NOT eating of things that I find really difficult. There are some brownies on the kitchen counter right now calling my name and it’s taking everything I’ve got not to eat them. SO, I’m going to talk about my favourite healthy lunches in an attempt to distract myself from chocolatey fudgey caramely goodness in the kitchen.

Avocado toast. My favourite things – bread and avocados, together as one. They are just so perfect, and together nothing short of awesome. Designer toasts seem to be a thing lately too, I’ve seen avocado toast in various cafes around town for upwards of £5 which is ridiculous (…although I am totally guilty of buying some, on several occasions because I love it that much) amongst other fancy toasts like banana, peanut butter and and honey or strawberry and nutella and other such nice toast related combinations. But the best is avocado, it’s great for lunch, dinner or a very large snack (seriously, it’s surprisingly filling.) It’s delicious, creamy AND it’s good for you filled with all sorts of healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and other such health related things.

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Listen, I know it’s super easy to make toast and this isn’t really a recipe, but I thought I’d share one of my favourite things to eat. I love making mine from a big fat grande mange baguette (sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t, I won’t lie this time it was bought from the bakery up the road, more on bread another day maybe) sprinkle a bit of olive oil on it and whack it on the pan to toast up. WAY better than the toaster, especially if this is for lunch or dinner.

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What makes this really sing is adding some nice spices to it – my favourite is dukkah (pictured in pot) a middle eastern blend of spices and roasted chickpeas in this one but of course, like many things, there are plenty of variations. I imagine sumac would be super on this as well!

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I’ve made this many ways, not just with tomato but always with avocado, in fact yesterday, I had just this but with tuna and roasted pepper and it was seriously sexy. So use your imagination, this is nothing more than some lunchtime suggestion and clearly is open to all sorts of combinations, I mean it’s toast after all, you can do anything with toast (isn’t that just great?! Toast is so good.) Happy eating homies!