LISBON (by myself … !!) for the amazing three day extravaganza known as Optimus Alive.

Not gonna lie, I’m totally sold on traveling solo. Its great, self assuring and you make A TON of friends. Only problem is all the great memories I have like eating spicy snails (um, DELICIOUS.) and a certain dance circle with some crazed Australian and Kiwi folk in the middle of The Cure’s epic three hour set are things that only I have now (and of course those involved in the dance circle…) Not to mention being stuck on a hot, hot train for an hour leaving you jumping the barriers at the metro station and racing some dudes to the gate,only to meet a 20minute delay and THEN met with the sad reality that your (fucking delicious) Portuguese custard pasties do NOT fit into your tiny bag and the mean Ryan Air dude doesn’t buy that they’re from duty free (because lets be real, Duty Free ain’t a super awesome bakery down some cobbled alleyway next to your hostel with the nicest old lady EVER) which means you HAVE to eat them all and share them with

the dudes you raced because they’re really kinda cute.

See, I experienced all these things all by myself (insert violin solo here) and it would have been great to share with someone, because inside jokes are no good when they are with yourself. Still, there is nothing like waking up in the morning and just going with the flow, getting lost is not a big deal, but a great adventure, no one says anything when you decide to have ice cream and ice cream alone for lunch and if you happen to know a couple of people in Portugal, you can meet them and not feel awkward when your fellow travel friends sit sadly and silently while you chat away ( a problem often found when many of your friends are scattered amongst the universe) – these are just a few of the things that I loved about traveling alone.

Sadly, Lisbon was not a culinary expedition for me as it was really for the festival where the fine dining was mostly hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, some very strange wrap with chicken nuggets and pequillo peppers, and beer. A fuck load of beer (another advantage to being alone, new friends you make all want to buy you beer, and pick you up ALL THE TIME)

But I did drink some local brew, ate some local snails (in a delicious spicy sauce) and some amazing (possibly local)garlic tomato prawns with chips to dunk into that amazing sauce.

I also had an abundance of ice cream.